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GM Neiksans

Logo & Banner Design, Youtube Intro Production, Video Editing

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Arturs Neiksans is a Latvian chess Grandmaster who is gaining popularity on Twitch and Youtube for his instructive content. 

I have redesigned his brand, starting with replacing that stiff, glossy logo with a sleeker, more modern take on his initials wearing a king's crown. 

I then used a premade template to create a Youtube Intro which incorporates the new logo within a Marvel comic style sequence which better captures Arturs' engaging persona without the need for his likeness in the logo.

I have also done some video editing for his channel, and thumbnail, banner, and overlay production. Most of these portray the Latvian capital of Riga in his signature deep blue palette.

I have also designed and helped conceptualize his video series, "Chess Bites" - short and instructive chess videos on advanced topics.



Old Logo

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Twitch Assets:

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Event Poster:

charity stream poster (

Youtube Thumbnails & Graphics:

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neiksans bootcamp logo.png
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kasparov's flawed imortal tn (wecompress
puzzle fix 5 (
gm duels dubov (
big brain prep tn (
beating hikaru bot (
dutch tn (
No Fortresses.png
farewell TN (
storm chess tn (
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