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Branding, Web Design & Content Creation

Chess Lifestyle is a vlog-style Youtube Channel with the aim of providing entertaining and instructive chess content while documenting the journey to becoming a titled player.

I designed the Youtube intro and logo with a Go-Pro Camera in mind, to capture the vlogging element while at the same time using unique and eye-catching palette to convey a fun and friendly vibe. The background represents the city of London, in which both the owners are based.


To add a sense of quirky nostalgia, the Youtube and Twitch banners and overlays take on somewhat of a retro 80s theme.



Logo & Banner Design, Youtube Intro Production, Video Editing

Blank Overlay.png
starting soon.png
ending sequence_Youtube.jpg

Youtube Thumbnails

rossolimo crushed.png
phenomanerds tn2.png
guess the move karpov tn (
i hate online chess.png
24 hour stream tn (
2 (
EE tn (
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