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Chess Lifestyle is a vlog-style Youtube Channel with the aim of providing entertaining and instructive chess content while documenting the journey to becoming a titled player.

Organized by Chess Dojo, Ultimate Sensei is a chess coaching competition in which prominent coaches train the competitors who face off against each other for prizes and honor. 


Logo, Thumbnail & Banner Design, Youtube Intro Production & Video Editing 

Arturs Neiksans is a Latvian chess Grandmaster who is gaining popularity on Twitch and Youtube for his instructive content.

Branding, Web Design & Photography

PUCL is a British chess league featuring the strongest talent from universities across the UK who compete in a league spanning the course of an academic year.


Youtube Intro, Thumbnail Design & Concept Art

Chess Dojo is a well-known Youtube, Twitch and Discord Channel for chess improvers.

Video Editing & Thumbnail Design is the world's most popular chess playing and learning platform.

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UCL Chess Society

Logo & Marketing Design

The UCL Chess Society is one of the most active and strong chess societies in the UK, dozens of new members each year.

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Currently based in London, UK


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